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Watermelon Drink | Jen On Life

Watermelon Drink

How to Make a Watermelon Drink

My mother-in-law makes a watermelon drink that my kids and I love to drink in the summer time. My kids always look forward to this drink when summer rolls around. I don’t have exact measurements since a lot of it is to taste, but I’ll show you in the pictures what I do.

Right now watermelon is in season which means that it’s cheap. It’s around $3.99 for a whole seedless watermelon. You can make six pitchers of the drink from a whole watermelon. The trick to picking a watermelon is knocking it with your fist and if it sounds “hollow” it’s typically a pretty sweet watermelon.


  1. Cut the watermelon about an inch and take off all the rinds.
    Watermelon Drink (Step 1)
  2. Cut up all the watermelon and stick it in the blender.
    Watermelon Drink (Step 2)
  3. Fill the blender up to the 1 or 2 cup mark with water so it’s easier to blend the watermelon pieces.
  4. Once the watermelon is blended in the blender, fill the blender with water until it reaches the 8 cup mark line and blend it again.
    Watermelon Drink (Steps 3-4)
  5. Get a pitcher and put a strainer on top of the pitcher.
  6. Pour the watermelon drink on the strainer and use the blender tamper to stir the watermelon juice through the strainer. You can also use a spoon if you don’t have a tamper. Do this until you’ve strained the entire watermelon through the strainer. Dump the foamy stuff that’s in the strainer in the sink.
    Watermelon Drink (Step 5-6)
  7. Fill the pitcher with water and stir. Taste the drink.
    Watermelon Drink (Step 7)
  8. Add sugar to taste. When using a sweet watermelon, I only use 3 teaspoons of sugar. My kids rather have more sugar of course. If it isn’t sweet enough you can add a little less than 1/4 cup of sugar and stir.
    Watermelon Drink (Step 8)
  9. Put in refrigerator and serve when cold. The drink tastes better cold. But if you can’t wait, serve the watermelon drink with ice.

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