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Red Rocks Closed

Yesterday my family and I visited a friend and his wife. They showed us around their neighborhood. It was nice to get to explore the area, get out of the car and feel the rocks underneath my feet. The funny or the sad thing was that I haven’t been to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre or made the time to go there. Of course when I got there I was unable to go inside the amphitheatre since Duran Duran was performing that evening. It made me wonder of the countless opportunities I could have gone there but haven’t made the effort to go until I was in the neighborhood.

My point to this story is why do I always wait to almost the last minute to go see a place that I’ve been wanting to see when it’s not even that far from my house? Yes life is busy but why wait to do the things you want to do. To be honest, I forgot that I’ve been wanting to see Red Rocks and time happened to slip away. As the years passed (8 years later) I realized today that I still haven’t been inside the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.


We only have a limited amount of time on this earth. Do what you want to do and visit the places you want to see (especially if it’s around your area). Don’t wait for time to slip by and find out that you still haven’t done what you’ve been wanting to do.

Starting today, I’ll make an effort to list the places I want to visit in my area and make the time to visit those places. As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I just have to make it more of a priority. The trick is to write your list down and make sure you constantly see the list of places that you want to visit. If you don’t see your list it won’t get done.

I hope you get to do the same and make a list of places you want to see around your area. Make it a priority before it’s too late.

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