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Make every day a special occasion | Jen On Life

Make every day a special occasion

Make every day a special occasion

“Use your best things every day” is a motto I try to follow on a daily basis. Some people like to save their best china, nice outfits, and bed linens for special occasions. But when is the special occasion going to happen? Why wait. Enjoy your nice things today and make every day a special occasion for your family and friends. πŸ™‚


  • I don’t have two sets of dishes (plates, bowls, and cups)β€”one for special occasions and one for every day. I only use one set of white porcelain dishes.
  • White plates make a nice background forΒ your food and look more appetizing. You want your food to be the main attraction and white plates help your food stand out more.
  • Use nice chargers or placemats when dining. It makes eating more of a special event with family and friends as well as protecting your table. If you have old placemats that have a lot of stains on it and can’t be cleaned off I recommend donating or throwing it away depending on the condition of the placemats.


  • Use the best quality sheets you can afford and purchase high thread count sheets. Sheets with higher thread count is softer and feels more luxurious.
  • Don’t hang on to outdated sheets because it still fits your bed especially if your sheets look like it’s from the 1970s. Donate your old sheets.
  • Make sure the sheets your guest uses is as good as your sheets. This will help make your guests feel more welcomed and pampered.


  • I don’t expect people to wear formal outfits every day but wear outfits that make you feel great about yourself.
  • Wear clothes that make you comfortable and wonderful to be in.
  • When you look great you tend to feel great about yourself which affects your attitude.
  • Only buy outfits that make you say “wow” in the mirror.

By making every day a special occasion it helps you to live in the moment and be more present. Once you are used to living this way, you will always be the best version of yourself every day. That’s a great way to live your life.

Of course there will be days when you feel overwhelmed and lazy. On those days you won’t be the best version of yourself which is ok too. If you try your best to always be the best version of yourself, I’m sure that the majority of the days in the year you will be living as the best version of yourself. Living life is in the present. Not in the past or the future so live for today.

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