Update Your Deck With Paint

My entire summer has been filled with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects (installing door knobs and updating a room by painting it). Even my trip to California consisted of working on some DIY projects too.

The deck paint of my condo has been peeling off, and my trip to California was the perfect opportunity to work on the the deck. Please note that this deck is not made out of wood. I’m not exactly sure what the deck is made from.

CA condo deck (BEFORE)


  1. Move off all the furniture on the deck.
  2. Spray down the deck with water to clean the surface. Let the deck dry overnight.
  3. Sweep off any dirt off the deck.
  4. Select a color that matches and complements the home.
  5. Apply the deck paint using a roller. We used Rustoleum Restore 2x (Solid Stain) that was purchased at The Home Depot.
  6. Let deck paint dry.

CA Condo Deck (AFTER)

It took 25 minutes to apply the paint on this small deck. I painted around the edges with a paint brush, and my husband used a roller to spread out the paint.

I ended up picking a darker color because I wanted the deck to feel like a “wooden” deck. Now that I look at the “AFTER” photo I realized that I should have picked a lighter color. When the CA sun hits the deck, the darker color absorbs more heat and makes the deck feel hotter. Picking a lighter color would not make the deck feel as hot as the darker color. In the end, the darker color matched well with the furniture that the tenants owned.

In the future, I’ll choose a lighter color. What’s great about using Rustoleum Restore is that you can pick different stain colors that would match the best for your home. If you have a concrete patio, view how to stain your concrete patio.

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