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Turn Your Backpack into an Anti-theft Bag | Jen On Life

Turn Your Backpack into an Anti-theft Bag

Turn your backpack into an anti-theft bag

When I travel I like to use my anti-theft bags from Pacsafe, but I already own a perfectly fine backpack from Patagonia. I want to turn my current backpack into an anti-theft bag. The same size backpack (25L) that is already anti-theft from Pacsafe costs $140. I have to ask myself if it is worth buying a new backpack for $140 just to make sure it is an anti-theft bag.


What makes a bag an anti-theft bag? Well Pacsafe bags have the following anti-theft features:

  • Carrysafe® Slashguard Straps
  • There is an eXomesh® protection in the bag that extends the full length of the bag protecting your gear from opportunistic theft or if it’s snagged by a conveyor belt or luggage handlers.
  • Smart Zipper Security: Zipper pullers can be attached to discreet security hooks or placed under & through a hypalon tab to prevent pickpockets reaching into your bag
  • Turn & Lock Security Hooks
  • RFIDsafe™ Blocking Pockets & Material

Unfortunately I am unable to install all the features of a Pacsafe bag onto my regular Patagonia bag such as:

  • The slashguard straps
  • Adding an eXomesh protection in the front of the backpack


But I was able to install the following items to make the Patagonia backpack anti-theft:

Lock and S-biner on backpack.

  • Purchased two Nite Ize’s #2 S-Biner Slidelocks ($3.39 each)
    The S-Biner Slidelocks allowed me to secure all the zippered compartments of the backpack (which is like the Smart Zipper Security on a Pacsafe bag). The slidelocks on the S-Biner help keep the S-Biner from accidentally opening.
  • Used my existing travel TSA 4 digit combination lock (Free) (If you have to purchase a new lock that can cost around $13-$14)
    This metal lock totally secures the main compartment (which is like the turn & lock security hooks on a Pacsafe bag)
  • Purchased Pacsafe’s RFID-blocking passport sleeve from the Container Store ($5.99)
    Anything that contains a RFID micro-chip goes into this RFID-blocking sleeve (which is like the RFIDsafe blocking pocket on a Pacsafe bag)

The total that I paid to make my backpack an anti-theft bag was $12.77 (not including tax).

If I already didn’t own a backpack, I would have invested in the Venturesafe 25L GII anti-theft day pack for $140. I just didn’t want to spend that money when all I had to do was spend $12.77 to get most of the features I really needed for a backpack I already love to use.

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