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Have you tried booking accommodations for your next trip using Airbnb? If you haven’t, you should check it out. Initially I was scared of using Airbnb because of what I’ve heard on the media. Some people have had bad experiences using Airbnb. But like any hotel or service, there will be mixed reviews. You have to do your homework when booking.


  • Make sure that your host provides a Verified ID (especially any Offline ID like personal information provided or a driver license) so you feel more secure that the homeowner of the property is honest about their identity.
    • Verified social media accounts don’t matter too much. Guests or hosts are unable to view the social media profiles.

Verified ID information

  • Also read the reviews written from previous guests. If the host you are looking at doesn’t have any reviews. Normally, the host could be new to Airbnb.
    • If the host is new to the Airbnb community, it can be advantageous for a guest to get discounted rates to try out the host’s accommodations for the first time. It’s risky but Airbnb guests can get the best bargain.
    • In a couple of weeks neighbors will be able to give feedback on hosts. So read all the reviews to determine if the host’s home or space is something you want to rent.
  • View the photos of the property. The more photos of the property, the better, so you know what to expect with the property.
  • Read the house rules so you can have better expectations and find a place that will match what you are looking for. The vacation rental home my sister and I rent caters to couples and families looking for a relaxing place to visit in Capistrano Beach/Dana Point, (Southern) California area. The house rules specifically states, “to respect the serenity of the neighborhood, we request that you keep the noise to a minimum level inside and outside the premises during your stay.” If you are looking for a party house this wouldn’t be it.

Space Accommodations


Before booking a place, the host will have to agree to rent their space to you unless the host is using instant book.

  • As a guest, make sure that you provide a Verified ID (especially an Offline ID like personal information or driver’s license). Hosts are looking for people who are honest about their identity. Also provide your email address and phone number to make communication easier.
  • Hosts look at your reviews to determine to accept you as a guest. Make sure that every time you stay as a guest in an Airbnb’s (host) home you treat the property with respect so that the host can write a good review once you are done visiting the property. The more good reviews you have on your profile, the more likely a host will approve you to stay in their home as a guest.
  • Upload a profile picture of yourself, so the host can feel more comfortable renting your place to them.
  • You can also record a video profile of yourself (especially if you don’t have any reviews) and explain why a host should accept you as a guest.


Using Airbnb allows the guest to select the room type:

  • Entire/home/apt
  • Private room
  • Shared room

Based on your budget, it’s easy to find something that works for you. Personally I only use Airbnb to find an entire home. I wouldn’t feel comfortable looking for a private or shared room so make sure to do the proper research.

Airbnb is easy to use. The interface also makes it easy to communicate with hosts and guests.


Make sure to install the Airbnb mobile app on your phone or log into the website so you are not missing any communication with the host. Their messaging system is the easiest way to communicate with your host once the host decides to accept you as a guest. Note that outside urls (website addresses) or phone numbers are typically hidden when using the messaging system.


Airbnb provides a neighbor hotline for the community at 1.888.927.4459. Neighbors of Airbnb hosts can call this number to complain about Airbnb guests.

If you are traveling this season, try using Airbnb for your next vacation.

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