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7 Tips I Learned from My Mom | Jen On Life

7 Tips I Learned from My Mom

Growing up, I remember my mom being a very strong and independent woman. She was always working. She was an entrepreneur.


Mom and I: Tips I Learned From My Mom

I admired that my mom was a hard working entrepreneur, but at the same time I saw how working so hard also affected her family life. As a kid, I swore that I would be different. I wanted to work AND have a family life. I thought that working for a corporation would help provide that balance. Yes, I was able to balance my work and family life as best as I could, but I now realize that being an entrepreneur gives you better flexibility especially when you have a family. Now that I look back on my life, I see that my mom was right. She always told me to work a lot while you are young because it will be more difficult to work harder when you are older. It’s also better to work for yourself because it’s your own company and you don’t have to worry about losing your job. Although you have to worry about making it successful. My mom always says that the American tragedy is that when you get older, your job will be less secure since you will eventually be replaced with a new graduate that earns a lot less than you do.

Now that I’m working from home, I wish that I was more serious about my consulting business in my 20s. I think I didn’t try so hard with my consulting because I didn’t want to work so hard like my mom. I was also SCARED. I feared that I wouldn’t be as successful as my mom. If I didn’t try, then I couldn’t fail. I had the wrong mentality. I needed to try and fail in order to succeed. You can never succeed without failing and my parents’ different ventures showed me that you have to try multiple businesses before something clicks and becomes successful.

It’s always easier to do things when you are younger since you have more energy to work on tasks and on your business, but as you get older and have a family and children, you easily get tired and can’t do the all nighters like you used to. Although I’m trying different ventures, it’s definitely harder than it should have been in my 20s, but I know that it’s never to late to try something new and work towards your goal. You always have to reinvent yourself and chase your dreams in different stages of your life. Even until now, my mom/parents still invest in other ventures they believe in.

After watching my parents get into businesses with family and friends. I realized that if you treasure your friendship with friends, it’s best to never go into business with friends. Ideally it’s also not good to go into business with family, but in business it’s nice having people you trust so it’s easier to involve family members in your business venture. I’ve seen my mom fight and not talk to her sisters for awhile but because they are family, they eventually make up and forgive each other. I don’t think this would be true for friends. Once you have a falling out with friends, I think it would be more difficult to patch up the relationship.

I’m glad that my mom also taught me to be hardworking and to do well in school. Doing well in school was not an option. I made sure to do my best in school and pushed myself to be the best student that I could be. This attitude helped me to be motivated in my life. I saw that with hard work you can achieve anything that you want to do. When things don’t work out, I rely on my motivation to get me through whatever I need to get through until I can succeed.

I also learned from my mom that you need to live below your means  and to always pay off your debts so that you will always have money saved up for a rainy day. This past year, I’ve been thankful for having some extra funds saved up to pay for necessities. In your life you will always have ups and downs and you need to be prepared for those hardships. The better prepared you are the easier it will be to get through the rough patches in life and have hope. 🙂

My mom also taught me to be very prayerful. I never really understood this until recently (when I started teaching religion). I feel that God has a plan for all of us, and when we pray and lift up our joys and our sorrows to God, life is easier to handle. In the end, if you have faith, God provides what you really need.

I want to take this moment, to thank my mom for being my mom. She has been a great role model—a strong, independent woman, and a successful entrepreneur. I’ve learned so much from her and aspire to be just like her. Thanks mom for everything! I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Let your Mom know how you feel. Check out this video made by Blake Grigsby:

7 Tips I Learned from My Mom. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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