Time4Learning Review

Time4Learning for Elementary Students

Now that it is summer, I have enrolled my grade school daughter in Time4Learning. I do this every summer. I guess I could have bought some summer books that my daughter can learn from but I find that she enjoys watching the videos on the (iPad) tablet to help her learn since I’m not the best teacher. To be honest, I also don’t have the discipline to teach my daughter. It’s easier for me to say “please work on Time4Learning for an hour and then you can play.” My daughter has been using this since first grade and it has been helpful.

Right now you can pay to subscribe to Time4Learning for $19.95 month. I typically start the service at the beginning of June and stop by August. For my family, it works great as a supplement during the summer so my daughter isn’t just watching television and playing all day long.

The best part is that I can easily start and stop the service at the beginning and end of summer. I also like that I can see what my daughter is working on and can customize what she should be learning. For the most part, I let my daughter choose what she wants to learn. I’m just happy that she is learning something every day.

When her lesson is over, I ask what she learned and she seems to grasp the concepts well. If your student wants to learn a foreign language, you can add that to the curriculum for additional money per month. The language courses useΒ Rosetta Stone. My daughter chose not to learn a language so I didn’t add that for her summer courses.

Typically after Time4Learning, my daughter will then “play” on her Sphero SPRK+ which helps her learn how to code.

Time4Learning for High School Students

Your high schooler can also use this service as a supplement for only $30/month per student but my high schooler has other online classes she is taking over the summer and didn’t want any more classes to take so I chose to not enroll her in Time4Learning this summer. Just know it is available for your high school student to use.

This is the only online learning that I have used for my kids and since it has worked for them, I haven’t tried other online programs. Let me know in the comments below what online programs you have used that has been successful for your kids. Thanks πŸ™‚

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