Things to Do When You Spend Time with the Kids

Older Daughter as a One Year Old.

There are moments in your life when you realize that time is moving fast. Very fast. I realized this just recently since my older daughter has her 8th grade ceremony today. I can’t believe that she is already taller than me when I can still remember her as an infant (and as a one year old as seen in the photo above).

I know it’s too late to rewind my life and put it in slow motion, but it’s something I wish I could do. I just want to cherish my children more. Now that I know my time is limited with my older daughter (for at least four more years), I’m rethinking how I want to spend my time with my kids.


  • Try to be fully present when you are with your kids.

    It is difficult to do when your kids are bickering over a trivial thing, and your mind is preoccupied with work and home tasks that needed to be done yesterday. But when I’m fully present with my children, I don’t want the moment to end. I’m more aware of this in the evenings when I pray with the children. It’s a reminder for me to slow down and try and be FULLY PRESENT ALL THE TIME.

  • Show your love for them through your cooking or something that your kids enjoy.

    My kids don’t ask for much, but they enjoy it when I get to make them breakfast or cook their favorite meal. With summer approaching, I’m looking forward to cooking more for the family and trying out new dishes that my family will enjoy. I finally got to buy some watermelon yesterday and will be making the kids’ favorite watermelon drink.

  • Create a schedule that is filled with learning and fun activities.

    With summer vacation around the corner (it starts this Friday for my family), I have to plan activities so the kids will be learning as well as having fun. I’ll try to schedule a summer plan by next week. We plan to stay in Colorado all summer so we should be able to fit in a couple of camping trips that my kids have been wanting to do.

I’m looking forward to staying in Colorado with the family this summer. There are a lot of little projects that need to be worked on in the home. Most of it will be spent outside in the garden with the kids although I don’t have a green thumb. I just know that I’ll be spending a lot of time with the kids this summer and I’m glad. 🙂

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