Tea Maker

Breville Tea Maker

I’m not a coffee person but occasionally need caffeine to stay awake so I drink tea. I used to boil water using a kettle but always boil the water too hot.

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Once I found the Breville Tea Maker, I was hooked. I love that the tea maker can boil water at different temperatures based on the type of tea leaves used (Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal, etc). I didn’t know that different teas need to steep in various temperatures. I always thought tea just needed hot water. I make sure to follow the directions on how long to steep the tea and what temperature the tea should be. I enjoy tea much more now since it isn’t so bitter (a result of over steeping the tea) and this tea maker boils water pretty quickly. I also like that it has a “keep warm” button but only keeps the water warm for an hour which is enough time to consume two cups of tea.

This is one gadget to own if you enjoy drinking tea. My favorite tea is Celestial Seasonings’ Chai Tea (Honey Vanilla) and Green Tea (Honey Lemon Ginseng).

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