Sphero SPRK+

Today is my 9 year old daughter’s birthday and she didn’t exactly know what she wanted for her birthday. I had her look on Amazon to see what toys sparked her interest. She showed me a clear ball that changed colors and flew. After watching the video of the flying ball toy, she decided that she no longer wanted the toy. When I saw the flying toy, it reminded me of a Sphero.

That’s when I recommended to her the Sphero. I showed her the video below and she immediately was excited about the toy and kept asking me if I can order the Sphero SPRK+ toy soon. We went with the Sphero SPRK+ version since it has a clear shell which allows you to view the mechanics inside. The SPRK Lightning LAB App is an app you download for free (on your mobile device and tablet) that helps her learn to code with an easy drag and drop feature. The Sphero SPRK+ toy arrived last Friday and she has been playing with it since.


  • It’s a fun toy to drive around the house
  • Kids also learn how to code. My daughter initially looked at other programs that were available and learned from the existing code to make her own version.
  • Kids get to use their imagination. My daughter wanted to make a chariot to attach to the Sphero. She used random K’nex pieces that her sister owned to try and make the chariot.
  • Gives the kids and adults some quality time. Making the chariot became a family event. My husband and I were helping my daughter figure out how to get the sphero to drive the chariot. After my daughter was having difficulties with K’nex, she asked her dad for help. He made a prototype that didn’t work so my daughter tweaked the construction and was able to get it working. I also made another version of the chariot using another toy.Chariot made by my husband and my daughter:
    Sphero SPRK+ Handmade Chariot made by dad and daughter
    Chariot made my me:
    Sphero SPRK+ Handmade Chariot made by mom
  • Gets an hour of play time. At least my daughter can’t play on the Sphero for hours. It takes around two hours of charging time to get an hour of play time. I like that that she isn’t playing all the time. When the Sphero needs to recharge it forces her to focus on something else.

I’ve never seen her so engaged with a toy. She learned how to make the Sphero spin and change directions every time it hit a wall. She likes that the Sphero can float on the water. My daughter is always trying to learn what she can do to push her Sphero further. This toy really isn’t a toy, it’s more like a robot that is only limited by her imagination.

She asked my brother for a jump ramp so so can do tricks with the Sphero. I can’t wait to see what she does with that. She also wants the nubby cover so she can feel more comfortable using her Sphero outside on rough surfaces.

I definitely recommend this toy for kids and parents that want their kids to do STEM activities and introduce them to coding in a fun way.

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