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Space Planning Your Interior Space | Jen On Life

Space Planning Your Interior Space

Space planning tools to use when decorating your home.

What’s space planning? Well it has nothing to do with outer space. I’m talking about figuring out how to space plan the inside of your home. Space planning helps you plan out where to move furniture, walls, doors, windows, etc and where those items would look the best in your space.

As a child I was always moving furniture around because I easily got tired of my space (a room that I shared with my sister). I remember using grid paper and drawing the location of where to put the beds, desks, etc so I wouldn’t have to constantly move the furniture. I finally figured out that it was easier planning out your space FIRST so that you had to move the main heavy pieces ONLY ONCE. That was much better use of my time. In school, I had to create blue prints for my space plan designs using an architect ruler and pencil. That was always a long and tedious process.

Fast forward to today, and space planning tools are readily available for your devices (computer, tablet, and phone). With my side project of helping my parents remodel their beach bungalow over the summer, I thought I’d share what tools helped me. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me and had to find iPhone apps to help me space plan. There are better applications on the iPad but I left that in Colorado for my kids to use.


I ended up purchasing three iPhone apps:

  • Room Scan Pro: to get quick measurements of each room in the home.
  • House Design: to layout the space of the home and figure out where the current furniture pieces can go in the space.
  • Home Design 3D: was similar to House Design but with more features. Because it was a little bit more complicated to use on the phone, I ended up using House Design due to the simplicity of the user interface.

Within a couple of hours, I had a space plan of my parents home on my phone. I was happy with these purchases because my parents were able to visually see where their current furniture should go and how things should look like in the different rooms.

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