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Sorting Mail | Jen On Life

Sorting Mail

Is your mail out of control?

Sorting mail is something that I don’t care to do but I know it has to be done. It’s kind of like doing laundry. Going through mail needs to be done daily if you want to conquer your mail and not have it get out of control. If you don’t go through your mail daily, you will end up having a stack of mail that needs your attention as soon as possible.


  1. Take your stack of mail and sort it into four piles:

    1. Recycle = mainly junk mail, ads
    2. Shred = anything with your family name and mailing address
    3. File = statements and bills
    4. Keep = magazines, catalogs (only the latest issues) and coupons that you know you will use
      Sort mail into four piles.
  2. Look at your recycle stack and rip off your name and mailing address on each envelope and flyer.

    Make sure to also stack these mailing addresses that you ripped so you can take that stack and shred it. It’s a tip I’ve learned from my cousin who is in the security industry. I shred anything that has my family name and address on it in order to keep that information private.

  3. The statements and bills either get filed immediately or goes in a mail sorter that is sorted by date.

    I put the bill on the day I want the bill to get paid (normally two weeks before it is due). Once the date comes around I pay the bill online and then file the paperwork.
    Sort bills into this mail sorter.

  4. I make sure that the magazines and catalogs that I keep are the latest issue.

    If I keep the latest Pottery Barn catalog, I make sure to recycle last month’s issue. I try to live by the rule of bring one in, take one out. This can apply to anything such as clothes. I make sure to not have too many catalogs. If I can go through a catalog in one sitting I’ll look at the catalog and immediately recycle it. Magazines and catalogs can easily pile up if you don’t make an effort to go through your magazine stack and recycle all the old issues. The coupons that I keep go into one coupon bin. That way, it’s easy for me to locate coupons that I need. Make sure to go through the coupon bin monthly and throw away expired coupons (except Bed Bath & Beyond coupons). That store takes expired coupons so always keep them!

Before I sorted the mail above, it looked daunting. But when I followed the four steps it took less than ten minutes to go through the mail and have everything in its place and put away. Even if I don’t want to tackle a task I just do one step and find myself done with the task in no time. 

I use the steps above to make sure my mail doesn’t get out of control. 🙂

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