Restaining Floors

Restaining Floors

I don’t know if restaining the front door created a chain-effect. The next thing I knew, my husband bought a restaining floors Groupon and I picked out a darker walnut color for the floors. I’ve always been drawn to darker colors and the darker floors go better with my furniture.

Good thing we hired professionals to do our flooring, it just looked like a lot of work. It’s a much larger scale project than doing front doors or handrails. The additional costs I didn’t expect was staying at a hotel for four days while the workers sanded, stained, and applied several clear coatings on the floor.

I was surprised that my husband and I got all the furniture into two rooms on the main floor (the guest room and office which has carpet). That was definitely a workout. We had to dismantle the dining table for it to fit and rolling the fridge into my office wasn’t easy. I’m just glad that is over.

Once restainingย floors were done, I knew I had other future projects in mind.ย Restaining the handย rails were next since it just didn’t match the new flooring stain. Don’t stain your floors if you don’t want to start on new home projects. ๐Ÿ™‚

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