A Parent’s Survival Guide to Summer

Parent's Survival Guide to Summer

It’s officially my first week of vacation with the kids. Hence I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been trying to figure out a schedule that will work with my kids and I since we are at home…and at the same time! I’m used to having my own time while the kids are at school, but now that everyone is at home, I’m finding out the the best way to get through summer.


  1. Create a routine for the family.

    This week my kids are still waking up early. Granted they don’t wake up as early as when they were going to school. Waking up earlier gives my kids enough time to eat, do their chores, study, and then do something that they want to do. By waking up earlier, the kids are getting more things done during the day.

  2. Create expectations for your children.

    My kids know what is expected of them. Granted I still have to remind them that they need to work on chores and their studies before playing on their electronic games or watching anime on the television. I want them to get used to doing “work” before having “fun.”

  3. Figure out the activities you want your child to participate in.

    I’ve over scheduled my kids in the past and realized that I enjoy a more mellow summer with the kids. Do whatever works best for you and your kids. Just because school is out doesn’t mean that they can’t continue to learn. I bought a book of summer math and reading activities at Costco for my 4th grade daughter. Every day she tries to read for 30 minutes, work on some math, writing, and typing. I’ll also look into swimming for her so she can do something fun during the week. I’ll also try to get her to play some piano. I’m not the most patient teacher but I’ll try my best. 🙂 For my older daughter, she will be picking out books to read from the library, and is continuing to learn some math on Kahn Academy and continues to improve on her typing. She will also continue her weekly cello lessons for fun. I’m also having her help me out as an intern. So I’m creating a list of tasks that she can help me out with.

  4. Have projects lined up that the family can work on together.

    So far we have been working on the garden this week. Pulling out weeds, putting down mulch, and planting some flowers in pots. The next project is painting the master bathroom. We also have to stain the playground again since it’s looking shabby. So we have quite a bit of home improvement projects to work on. The best part is that we will be doing it together.

  5. Plan some fun weekly activities to do.

    Whether it’s walking down to the community pool to swim or biking around the neighborhood. This is easy to do. I just need to make more time for it.

  6. Plan a mini vacation with the family.

    Even if you are saving some money, take a weekend and go anywhere even if it’s somewhere local (a staycation) this summer. My kids want to go camping so I’m still researching places to go. I love staying at home since I’m a homebody (and we also happen to spend less money) but it’s nice to get away for  the weekend and see and experience something new.

What are your plans this summer that you do with your kids? Let me know other activities that should be on this list.


A Parent’s Survival Guide to Summer. Tips to help you get through the summer with your children.

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