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Overwhelmed | Jen On Life



When things don’t go your way and you feel overwhelmed and anxious, I sometimes wish I was an animal where I can hide in a hole or a cave of some kind. My type of cave would be my bedroom since it’s dark even during the day with the black out shades drawn over the windows. In my bedroom, I like to sleep and forget anything and everything that causes me anxiety or pain.

I might do this for a couple of days but then realize that I can’t keep up with that attitude because I just get behind on work that needs to be done. I’m basically running away from my problems instead of dealing with them straight on. Just because I don’t work on stuff doesn’t mean there isn’t any work to do. So at that point, it becomes a mental game and an attitude adjustment on my end to help me get out of this depressing state.

How to get out of your overwhelmed state:

  1. Think positively

    (be filled with thankfulness and gratitude) for everything that you have

  2. Get out of bed

    (make the bed so you don’t get back in it)

  3. Take a shower

  4. Start your day

    by working on the task you’ve been putting off

I find that once you take the first step and follow through the steps above, it gets easier to get through stuff as you tackle each task one at a time. First tackle the task that causes you the most anxiety or work on the task you’ve been avoiding (right now that’s writing this post).

As a blogger, its difficult to find the motivation to write all the time. I personally try to write three times a week but if that doesn’t happen I write only twice a week. Growing up I barely read any books but found that as I got older, I liked reading a lot of technical books and self help books so I can improve my skills and get better personally. I like to read so I can improve, but there are times when I just read for fun. So I’m shocked to see how much I’ve written in the past two months on this blog.

The above steps worked for me since I was able to write this post today. The funny thing is when you are done with your task, you realize that it wasn’t difficult to do and may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Don’t despair. Just take things one step at a time. My mind sometimes gets overwhelmed with the tasks I have to do and I just shut down. Because I know myself, I have to remind myself to take things one step at time.

Now onto creating my class presentation for my class this evening.

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