Organize Your Linen Closet

Organizing Linen Closet

For most of you, looking at the before picture may look pretty organized to you but for my standards the closet was bothering me. Today I decided to not make any more excuses and cleaned out the linen closet.


It’s easier to clean out your closet by taking everything out and then selecting which items really belong in your closet.


The first thing I had to do was PURGE out items that I was no longer using. I had three piles:

  1. Donate pile: Any items that were in good condition and I no longer used or needed went in this pile (baby bumpers, old sheets)
  2. Trash pile: Any items that was not in good quality and needed to get out the closet ASAP.
  3. Reuse pile: Any items that can be reused at home. Like old baby towels that are now going to be used as rags for cleaning and polishing the wood furniture.

Be sure to be honest with yourself. Have you used those ratty sheets in the past year? If not throw it away or turn them into rags. I have to say that this is the most difficult step when cleaning out any closet (pantry, wardrobe closet, or linen closet).

Make sure to donate your items the same day you clean out your closet and throw your trash pile on the day of your trash day. That way you don’t second guess your decisions and find yourself in the trash looking for the pile you threw away because you changed your mind. The same goes for your donation pile. Once those two piles are out of your house you won’t miss it.


Figure out what things should go on each shelf. For my linen closet I organized it by:

  • Towels on the top shelf
  • Light weight sheets on the next shelf
  • Heavy weight sheets (flannel) on the third shelf
  • Blankets on the fourth self

To keep the sheet sets together, I put the flat and fitted sheets in the pillowcase so I always have the complete set of sheets in hand when making the bed. This elimates you from trying to look for the matching flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase. Since both of my daughters have a twin size bed I didn’t label my shelves.

If you have multiple size bed sheets I would recommend labeling the shelf. You can either group the sheets by size of the bed or by type of sheets (light weight or flannel sheets). Group and sort based on what works for you. The whole point of cleaning out your linen closet is being able to easily find the items you need without pulling multiple things out of the linen closet.


I did not use this step since I use my closet for sheets and towels. If you put toilet paper or excess bathroom items you can sort them in baskets or clear bins. Again whatever works for you.

The whole cleaning project took two hours including going to Goodwill to donate my items.

Good luck cleaning out your linen closet. You can do it!

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