Organize your Drawers with a Drawer Organizer

Are you sifting through your drawers and spend several minutes trying to find the correct kitchen tool or utensils when your drawer looks like the one below?

How my parents' drawer looked before I organized it with a drawer organizer.

Consider purchasing a drawer organizer to help organize your drawer. It’s amazing how drawer organizers easily transform your drawers.

Aside from being my parents’ interior decorator, I’m also their professional organizer. When I was at my parents’ home, I spent my afternoon lining all their shelves, drawers, and purchased drawer organizers too. It’s tedious work but when I was done, they were happy with their organized drawers.

Organized drawer after using a drawer organizer.


  • Everything has a home so it’s easy to find utensils and kitchen tools.
  • Feel more at peace by not having to see cluttered drawers daily.
  • Helps you be more efficient and saves you time by knowing where everything is at.


Just like cleaning out anything in your home you have to first:

  1. Purge: Find broken and expired items that you can throw away. Donate items that you have a lot of and no longer use.
  2. Group like items together: The items from the before picture above moved to other drawers that had similar tools. Next to this drawer had the spoons, forks so it made sense to put the butter knives and serving utensils in this drawer as well as other random kitchen items.
  3. Move your items based on where you frequently use the items: Make sure your dishes are close to your dishwasher so it’s easy to put your heavy dishes away. Pots and pans near your stove, etc.

For drawers, I’d recommend putting a shelf liner after all your drawers are cleaned out. Technically, by installing drawer organizers you don’t need to put a shelf liner underneath it but I still do. Just make sure to put a shelf liner on all your shelves. It protects your shelves from getting dirty (from dirt and oil) especially shelves that has your oil containers.

Get Organized Drawers with Drawer Organizers.

Imagine having drawers that look like this. So get started with organizing your drawers today. You don’t have to do all your drawers at once like I did for my parents. Just start with one drawer at a time when you have some free time.

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