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One Item to Keep Your Purse Organized | Jen On Life

One Item to Keep Your Purse Organized

Use an envelope to help keep your purse organized

Whether you own a woman or a man purse, you need one item to help keep it organized. It’s an envelope. You can purchase a reusable plastic envelope (a plastic envelope snap pouch (which I bought at the Container Store)) or get a regular paper envelope and replace it when it gets worn down. I’ve tried both and really like the envelope snap pouch I purchased at the Container Store because it comes in different colors and is sturdy. I also like the snap button which makes it easy to open and close the pouch.

An envelope is such a simple item that you wouldn’t think of putting it in your purse. Once I placed one in my purse I found that all my receipts are nicely put away. Normally receipts are found at the bottom of my purse or stuffed in multiple, small pockets. I make it a habit to promptly put my receipt away so my purse remains clean and tidy.


  • Receipts are no longer crumpled, torn, or worn down
  • Easy to find all your receipts in a single location
  • Easy to locate a purchase since receipts are sorted in order in the envelope
  • Purse is no longer a mess and easier to find other items in your purse


I still recommend keeping an envelope for your receipts, and once a month scan all the receipts (in a monthly batch) and then shred the receipts. I recommend using the Scannable app to help scan your receipts.

Sign up for email receipts at the stores you shop. This is currently available at Staples, Williams-Sonoma, and The Home Depot. Eventually, more stores will offer this service so you won’t have to carry paper receipts.


Make sure to clean out the receipts in your purse once a month, and then store those receipts in a filing folder. I recommend storing the receipts in an envelope with the month and year labeled on it. Then store all those envelopes in the filing folder labeled “Receipts 2016.”

If you don’t already have an envelope in your purse, you should put one in your purse. Start storing your receipts in an envelope today! It’s a great organizing tip for your purse.

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