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Making Cakes for Those You Love | Jen On Life

Making Cakes for Those You Love

Bundt cake

I love to bake when I have the time, but I never make any time unless there’s a special occasion to make a cake. Oh the conundrum! Since I don’t have the time to try out new recipes, I typically buy mixes from Williams-Sonoma. It still comes out cheaper than buying a wonderfully made cake from a pastry store and the cake tastes fabulous!

Apparently I already own a Heart Bundt Pan that I bought years ago to make a Valentines’ Day cake but it never happened. I’m sure I was busy with work and was unable to make my cake. Excuses excuses… Oh well. I’m just glad that I finally was able to use the bundt pan after 13 years for my daughter’s birthday party two weeks ago.

I bought the Williams-Sonoma Bundt Cake Mix (Red Velvet) and followed the instructions. Because I live in a high altitude area 5,420 ft (1,629 m), I had to make the following adjustments to the ingredients:

  • Added 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour
  • Decreased the baking time by 10 minutes
  • Increased the oven temperature by 15ºF

(I used the High-Altitude Baking resource from King Arthur Flour’s website)

Before putting the mix in the pan, make sure to spray the pan with a Nonstick Baking Spray such as Bake-Klene ZT and the cake comes out effortlessly. Also make sure your oven has an oven thermometer.

When your party is over, put the cake in the Nordic Ware Deluxe Bundt Cake Keeper to help keep the cake moist. We were eating the cake for four days after the party was over and the cake was still moist and tasted delicious.

I plan to bake more cakes in the future since it’s easy to make and my family loves it.

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