How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors

Pick Exterior Paint Colors

It’s easy to pick paint colors for the inside of your home but when it comes to the exterior paint colors for your home, I find it much more difficult to decide on the color. Maybe it’s because your neighbors’ will have an opinion on it and if you have a neighborhood with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), your HOA has to FIRST APPROVE your exterior paint colors before getting to paint the home. The following tips below will help you get started picking out your exterior paint colors:

The best way to pick your exterior paint colors is to create an inspiration gallery. You can do this by looking around your neighborhood and see what color schemes stand out for you in a good way. Take pictures of the homes you like. You will find that your color tastes may be in a certain color palette. If you still can’t find any colors that appeal to you in your neighborhood, go to another neighborhood that inspires you and check out the colors in that neighborhood. You can also look online like Houzz and see what home colors that peak your interest.
Go to your nearest home improvement center and check out the paint exterior color samples. Professional decorators put together these color palettes that work well together. Try to find a color palette that appeals to your taste. If you are unable to pick a color, ask a family member or friend who you know has good decorating taste to help you settle on several color palettes.
Use an application, software (such as Photoshop), or go online to help you visualize the exterior paint colors that interest you. Applying the colors on the picture of your home or another home can help you eliminate colors that you thought might work on your home. Note that the exterior paint colors may not be an exact match to the computer generated color but it still can help you roughly visualize the colors on your home.

ColorSmart by BEHR Mobile can help you preview your colors on a preselected home.
Visualize your color using Sherwin-Williams website.

Once you’ve picked your color palette, purchase sample colors (8 oz) to test on your home. Paint large patches of the color so you can see if you can really live with those colors on your home. Personally for me, I like picking three colors on a home to help accent the home. I like to pick a main base color of the home, an accent color, and a trim color.

I hope these quick tips help you get started on selecting fresh, new exterior paint colors for your home. Good luck! 🙂

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