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Help Save Your Life | Jen On Life

Help Save Your Life

Help Save Your Life By Doing One Thing.

You never know when an emergency hits. The only thing you can do is to be prepared as best as you can. One way to prepare (if you own an Apple iPhone) is to use the Health App (which is already included in your phone) and fill out the Medical ID information. The Health App allows you to create an emergency card that is accessible from your Lock screen. If you are using an another phone, google “Medical ID app” for your device and read the reviews before installing.

So if you ever get into an accident and a paramedics is called, they can easily access your important information if your phone is around you (which is typically the case).

I’ve already filled out my emergency card and wanted to share this useful information to everyone I know especially if you have medical conditions and allergies that a health professional needs to know. Filling out your Medical ID information can help save your life. The health professionals can glance at your Medical ID and make sure to give you the proper care and will help save time in making decisions especially in a life or death situation. In that moment, each second counts.


  1. Launch the Health App
  2. Click “Medical ID” on the bottom of the screen (and fill out the necessary information listed below.)


  • Name
  • Birthday (Age)
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Notes
    • List your insurance (insurance carrier & group number)
    • ER hospital that you would like to be taken to if you are in your neighborhood
  • Allergies & Reactions (list all your allergies and the symptoms you have like “peanuts cause an anaphylactic reaction”)
    • You can also mention that you have an EpiPen in your purse and Benadryl on your keychain
  • Medications you take (list the dosage and days taken per week)
    • Prescription medication
    • Non prescription items (such as Multivitamin, 1x/day, taken 7 days a week)
  • Add emergency contact (such as your spouse’s name and phone number or any other family member you want to be contacted in an emergency)
  • Blood Type
  • Organ Donor (state if you are an organ donor or not)
  • Weight
  • Height

Unfortunately my sister-in-law has first hand knowledge of how useful it is have your Medical ID information listed on your phone. When paramedics treat her, they see all of her medical information (insurance, medications taken, allergies, etc.) on her phone and are able to treat her quickly and take her to the hospital of her choice.

If you have an iPhone, please fill out your Medical ID information on the Health App RIGHT NOW. Don’t delay. Do it now while it is fresh in your mind. This life saving tip will only take a few minutes to fill out. It’s always good to be prepared. Who knows when it will help save your life.

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