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Goodbye Holidays, Welcome New Year Resolutions | Jen On Life

Goodbye Holidays, Welcome New Year Resolutions

Good Bye Holidays, Hello New Year Resolutions

It has been a busy holiday season visiting family and working on a vacation rental property. When I got home this past week, reality set in like everyone who went back to work or school on Monday. The first wake up call was removing all the holiday decor in my home. I’m so glad I decorated minimally. Typically there would be garlands with lights all over the home as well as a real tree with lots of ornaments but I chose to mainly decorate with bows around my home this year knowing that I was going to be out of town for the holidays. I’m so glad I chose to decorate minimally. It helped me to deal with less in the new year.

From enjoying family and friends to thinking about working again put a damper on my New Year but am trying to be more positive about it. If you don’t know me yet, I’m basically an all or nothing type of person. I can’t do anything in between. If I’m focused on work, that’s all that I can focus on. I’m a work-a-holic and can easily loose myself in it. Or if I’m not going to work on anything, I can be that person that sleeps the entire morning away. It’s really difficult finding the balance.

That’s how this blog came about, me sharing what I’m going through and hoping someone out there can relate to what I’m experiencing. Plus blogging is a good form of therapy and serves as a reminder of what I need to focus on.

I know my flaws and that’s what’s scary about working. I know that I can easily focus on work and ignore everything else in my life. It has happened before. The first step in changing is acknowledging your flaws and mistakes and learning from them. Technically I should be better at managing my time and should be able to balance work and family life. But you know what? I still get carried away with work. Blogging is not really work since I’m not getting paid, but I love working on the web. All aspects of it. It’s a love hate relationship but I know that I thrive in this medium. My problem is that I love what I do or I like to finish what I start. Anyway enough of my rambling… 🙂


Now that 2015 is over, the beginning of the new year is a great motivator to help change what you didn’t do too well on in the past. Have faith that you can overcome your fears and make the first step in changing your habits. In order to figure out what to improve upon, it is good to reflect on your actions in the past (good, bad, and everything in between).

I plan to continue:

  • blogging, trying to be more regular at posting and making more of an effort to generate more traffic
  • drinking water
  • being organized
  • being there for the family (being a good wife and mother)

I plan to work more on:

  • exercising
  • cooking
  • having more patience
  • making extra money to help the family (working on a vacation rental property or doing some consulting work)

I always want to improve upon the same things year after year. It’s always the same struggles. I know the trick is to not have too many new goals and do little steps at a time. It’s just easier said then done.

I believe each person is wired a different way and organization and keeping my home clean is easy for me, but exercising on a regular basis and having patience is very difficult for me. I can’t seem to move exercise higher on my priority list. At this point I would rather work on work (working on the vacation rental property) than focus on stuff that centers on being a better me. It’s always easier to focus on trying to make extra income for your family than on yourself. At this point, working is a higher priority than the other stuff I know would help me lead a healthier life. Unfortunately my needs always fall to the bottom on the priority list.


When creating new resolutions you want to work on, be realistic about what you want to achieve and honestly ask yourself where it is on your priority list? If you can focus on the top two resolutions that are high in your priorities I think you can really make those dreams a reality.

If I apply that rule, my main resolutions would be to:

  • work on making extra income for my family
  • have more patience

Everything else like exercising and cooking is in the background and if I get to it I will get to it. Until I make those items a higher priority, exercising and cooking will never be at the level that I want it to be. For now I’m ok with it. Unfortunately everyone needs money to survive and that’s all that I can focus on the moment. All the other stuff can go to the wayside. Good luck with accomplishing your New Year Resolutions!

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