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Get Organized and Scan Your Receipts in the Cloud | Jen On Life

Get Organized and Scan Your Receipts in the Cloud

Scannable App by Evernote

Now that I’m starting to work on taxes once again, I always wish I was more organized. Unfortunately I can’t rewind the past so starting this year I’ve been using Scannable by Evernote.

Don’t know what Evernote is? It’s an app that enables you to take notes from your desktop, laptop, mobile device and everything gets synced to the cloud. That way you have your notes where ever you are and you will always have the latest version too.


Before you start scanning make sure to install Scannable and then connect it to your Evernote account. I typically use Scannable to scan my receipts that I want to record for taxes. When you turn on Scannable, it automatically looks for the document. In my case it’s a receipt. It will take a photo of it and find the edges, and fixes the image automatically. Fixing images automatically saves you so much time.

Scannable on Mobile Device

You then have the option to send it by email or share it by text or where you need the file to go. You can also save the file which can save it on your camera roll or Evernote. In this instance I prefer saving it into Evernote. That way all my important receipts are in Evernote and saved as a PDF file. At the end of the month I can view all my receipts on my computer or on my phone (as seen below) in Evernote. Preparing an income and expense spreadsheet is now easier. All my receipts are in one location. Yay! 🙂

If you are scanning multiple receipts or documents make sure to cover your lens on your phone between each receipt or document so the app doesn’t take multiple images of the background like the table.

Scannable receipts on Evernote using a phone


I love the fact that I don’t have to search my purse for random receipts tucked away in the corner of my purse or stuffed away in a location that is difficult to find. Once I make a purchase and have the receipt in my hand, I turn on Scannable and save it into Evernote. Done.

Make your life easier by using Scannable to scan your receipts into Evernote. You won’t regret it. 🙂

How do you manage your receipts? What techniques do you use to help you be more organized when preparing your tax documents?

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