Folding Laundry

Folding laundry is easy by hand but I like seeing my shirts folded like it’s in a department store. It’s easier getting this department store look by using the FlipFold. I personally use the FlipFold Junior which fits kids’ sizes 2T-8 and teen sizes. I also bought the FlipFold for my husband’s shirts.ย You can purchase this on FlipFold’s websiteย or in the Container Store. I like any gadgets that help me do things faster. There’s always laundry to do so the faster I can finish up folding laundry and putting it away, the happier I am. ๐Ÿ™‚


I finally showed both my daughters how to use the FlipFold and will have them help me fold the laundry and put it away since summer is almost here. Yup! I have to put them to work. The sooner I can get through chores, the sooner they can play and do other fun things. When the clothes are folded I make sure to have the clothes stacked by season (the current season items should be easily accessible and the off-season items are in the back or somewhere less convenient to get to), by color, and by type (dresses are hung, shorts, long sleeved shirts are put in separate drawers, etc).

Folded Shirts


Because my oldest daughter is a teenager and has been growing out of her clothes, I had her “shop” from my closet under my T-shirt collection. From my neatly folded shirts (that I rarely wear), my daughter was able to pick out 10 shirts that she wanted to use. This serves two things:

  1. It clears out clothesย I rarely wear anyway and gives me more room in my closet
  2. My daughter gets “new” shirts to add to her closet

Because I use the method of one comes in, one goes outย I made sure that my daughter got rid of all the clothes that didn’t fit her anymore. From that pile I had to determine which clothes to keep for her younger sister and which clothes to donate. So beware! Do not start this project unless you have a couple of hours to spare.

My teenage daughter and I basically spent the afternoon cleaning out her closet since we bought some new items from H&M like shorts and tank tops. I’m happy that she has clothes that fit her well for the summer. I also started on my younger daughter’s closet but plan to finish it tomorrow.

It’s the same one comes in, one goes outย process for my younger daughter as well. The best part is that all the clothes that don’t fit her goes straight to the donate pile.

The beginning of summer is a good time to clean out your kids’ closets, pantry, refrigerator, or anywhere you think unwanted stuff may be lurking around. I’m getting a head start in minimizing stuff around my house. It feels refreshing to have less stuff around the home even if you have room for it. I’m currently striving to live with less stuff. I don’t think I can be a minimalist, but I know that I can live with less stuff. I’ll talk about that topic in a later post.

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