Essential Travel Items

Essential Travel Items

June and July have been busy months. I’ve been living out of my carry-on suitcase for two months visiting family and helping my parents with their home as an interior decorator. A career that I never pursued professionally but always loved doing for myself.

For the last two weeks, my family and my siblings’ families went on a European vacation to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary. I prefer to travel light which means that I bring all my stuff in one carry-on and purse/travel bag. I don’t like the hassle of carrying too many items and don’t like it when your luggage gets lost. Whether I stay at a place for one, two, or three weeks, I still carry one carry-on and my travel bag.

After traveling for the past two months, I’ve found certain items that were life saving for me that I want to share with you.

(DISCLOSURE: If you purchase anything from links on this post, I may receive an affiliate commission. However, I only mention products I love, use, and would recommend whether I was compensated or not. Please read my disclosure for more info. A link with an * is an affiliate link.)


  • Anker 40W 5-Port High Speed USB Charger*: You can’t have enough USB ports to charge your devices.
  • Monster Portable Power Strip with 4 AC Outlets*: Hotels don’t have a lot of available outlets to use. You also need to ONLY bring one converter to recharge all your devices with 4 AC Outlets and one AC Outlet powering 5 USB devices.
  • Your Smart Phone: to email and pay bills online. It’s also great to surf on the Internet to research places to visit or get directions.
  • Amazon Kindle Voyage: For those who enjoy reading and like to read without a glare. What’s great is that the Kindle can carry hundreds of books in the palm of your hand although I only had 50 books on the device.


  • Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Organizers: Helps keep all my clothes and stuff in it’s place. Everything has a home even in a small space like a carry-on luggage. I also color code things so I can easily identify what’s inside the bag based on the color.
  • Pacsafe RFID Blocking Passport Wallet: Helps keep your passport and credit card information safe from identity thieves. It also organizes your essentials in one place (passport, money, boarding pass, driver’s license, and credit cards).
  • Travel Laundry Bag: This bag helps separate all my dirty clothes from the clean ones and it’s helpful that it’s the same size as my carry-on bag.


Create a mini bathroom essential bag that contains the following (because you never know when you go to a bathroom and it doesn’t have what you need):

  • Charmin To Go Toilet Paper: This is a lifesaver when there isn’t a roll in the stall.
  • Charmin Toilet Seat Covers: For my seven year old who can’t squat when going to the bathroom.
  • The Honest Company’s Hand Sanitizer Spray: To help sanitize your hands when there isn’t soap and water around.
  • Antibacterial Wipes: to clean off surfaces that don’t look too clean (like the folded table in an airplane)
  • Travel Kleenex Tissues: for when you need to blow your nose due to allergies or a cold.


  • Hat: (especially in the summer time). I personally used a black wide brim sun visor* that rolls up when not in use. It was perfect for all my outings in the hot weather (whether in California, Nevada, or Italy).
  • Travel sized down pillow: Mainly used on long airplane flights. Helps me sleep much better. (See the post on “How to Get Some Sleep While Traveling“)
  • Cashmere Scarf: that also serves as a blanket when on the plane. It keeps myself and my two girls warm on the plane.
  • Travel size umbrella: which can protect you from the rain and sun rays.

After living out of a carry-on suitcase for a couple of months, I know that I’ll be using the above items the next time I have to travel. Those items are my essential travel items. Right now I’m happy to be back at home and getting back to “normal” living. 🙂

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