Easily Update a Room by Painting It

Painting a Guest Bathroom - Before

Paint Master Bathroom (BEFORE)

I’m sure you’ve already heard that the cheapest and easiest way to update a space is by painting it. Painting a small room costs relatively between $20-$30 for a gallon of paint. Painting the master bathroom costs around $60 for two gallons of paint.

I haven’t painted in a couple of years and didn’t think of painting my guest bathroom until this week. It’s perfect timing since my sister is visiting for a couple of days and my parents will also be visiting later in the year. (Read Be My Guest for tips on preparing your guest room.)

I updated this post to include the master bathroom that I recently painted. Both bathrooms needed a change since it still had the same color from when I purchased the home over 10 years ago.


When painting a room / space you should follow these rules:

  • Clean the surfaces you will be painting so the paint easily adheres on the surface.
  • Use painter’s tape on the trim, door frames, and window frames (if any). Press the tape down with a plastic putty knife when applying painter’s tape along the wall-trim edge.
  • Purchase a primer and paint for your room. I personally purchase paint with primer included so you don’t have to prime and then paint the walls.
  • When painting the walls, use the “W” technique and use a roller to roll out a “W” on the wall. You can also follow a zig-zag pattern and overlap your lines. Make sure to work a section at a time.
  • Paint ceiling first, then walls, and then trim last.
  • Take off the painter’s tape after painting the walls. Don’t wait for the paint to dry because the paint will peel off.

View Lowe’s resource on How to Paint A Room.


I chose the Twilight Gray color for the guest bathroom and Pixel White for the master bathroom from The Home Depot. The color I used brought out the colors already in the photos and in the frames in the guest bathroom. For the master bathroom, I brought out a gray color that was in the tiles.

For your room, think what feeling you are trying to achieve in the room. Pick out a color from one of the accessories in your room. The color can come from a painting, the bedsheets, pillows, or tiles. Make sure you like the color before painting the whole room with it. I recommend putting the sample color and viewing the color in your space throughout the day. The paint color looks different at different times of the day especially when the natural light shines on the color.


I used a semi-gloss finish since it’s in a bathroom. It is recommended to use satin or semi-gloss paints for bathrooms. Semi-gloss paints are the easiest to clean and resist stains the most. It can withstand heavy cleaning and scrubbing that is typically done in the bathroom.

Check out the Home Depot resource on How to Choose the Right Paint Sheen for Your Room.

Painting a Guest Bathroom - After

Paint Master Bathroom (AFTER)

Master Bathroom

It took me two days to finish painting the guest bathroom, replacing the light fixture, and patching up a hole that was left from the previous light fixture. It took me three days to paint the master bathroom, replace both light fixtures, and change out the door knobs and hinges. Now that both bathrooms are newly painted, I feel like it’s a brand new bathroom that can last for several years.

I wished that I painted the master bathroom sooner than later. Every time I enter my bathroom and see the new paint color I feel much calmer. I didn’t realize how much I couldn’t stand the peach color of the bathroom which made the entire room feel peach since the color brought out the peach in the tiles. Now that it’s painted a color I love, I feel much better in the space and the tiles don’t make me feel as ill as before.

In the future, I plan to change out all the door knobs and door hinges to the bronze oil finish which will easily update the space and the entire home. I’ll have to wait on that since I have a lot of doors in the house. My home was built in the late 1990s which is evident from all the gold accents in the home. Over the years, I’ve been eliminating the gold finishes throughout the home. It’s a slow process but it will eventually get done. 🙂

Guest Bathroom

Good luck with painting a room if you decide to paint a room in the future. Let me know how your room turns out.

Update a Room by Painting It

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