A Dumping Ground: The Laundry Room

Laundry Room (BEFORE)

Lately the laundry room has become a dumping ground for my husband’s things. When the room that receives the most traffic gets out of control, you have to take a moment and try to tidy it up. It took me 20 minutes to get the space under control.


  1. Eliminate all the things that do not belong in the laundry room. I put my dog’s supplies and husband’s stuff in the garage. Also throw away things you no longer need. I threw away an empty bottle of soap.
  2. Find a permanent home for the things that do not belong in the room. I placed my husbands extra plastic bags and newspapers in the garage in a box.
  3. Put things in baskets. I put all the water bottles in the baskets (left side of the image).
  4. Limit the amount of shoes stored in the room (not shown in picture). Each of my kids and husband are able to store 2 pairs of their shoes in the laundry room. Extra shoes (like snow boots) were placed in the garage or in closets.
  5. Wipe down the counters, floors, washer, dryer, and doors. The laundry room no longer has any dust and looks clean.

Laundry Room (AFTER)

I have to save another day to go through the cabinets and get the shelves organized. 🙂 The item below the shelf is the StinkBoss—which helps eliminate odors from shoes.

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