Cord Management

Cord Management ideas to help keep your charging devices under control.

With everyone having at least one gadget next to your bed or desk you need to get your gadgets’ cords under control. The inexpensive way is to use rubber bands or twist ties that come with a lot of electronic or toy packaging.


If you want to have prettier ways to manage your cords Container Store has many items (for cord management) to help keep your cords looking neat and in its proper place.

  • My favorite is The Powercurl Mini by Quirky: It’s great because it keeps the Apple iPhone or watch adapter cord neat and organized all the time. The plug and cord are always kept together.
  • I also like using the CableKeep: to keep the Apple iPad adapter and cord in one place.
  • The Grey Cordies Desktop Cord Catch by Quirky: is also a wonderful gadget for keeping your cords from falling off your desk or night stand. Just make sure not to have the cord plugged in the outlet when the cord is in the cord catch. The cord can get hot in the area where the cord catch is holding the cord and turn the cord a brownish color.
  • The bobino Cord Wraps: come in a variety of sizes to organize small and medium cords like headphones and usb cords for phones and tablets.
  • The Folding Holder: is perfect for keeping your charging gadgets off the floor while charging. This is great for your phone or Apple Watch. I also like bringing this when traveling.

Cord Management for your Apple adapter and for keeping your phone or watch off the floor.

With a variety of cord wraps and holders available out there, use one (even if it’s a hair tie, rubber band, or twist tie) to help keep your cord management under control.

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