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Camping: Simple Living | Jen On Life

Camping: Simple Living

Camping is simple living outdoors

Camping is something that I haven’t done in a long time. I didn’t realize it was something that my family and I really needed. To me, camping is simple living with the bare essentials. You are outdoors in nature with food, shelter, and clothes that are on you.

Camping always helps to bring perspective in my life. It always reminds me that everyone doesn’t need much to survive in this world. REALLY!

My family of four (five if you include my dog) slept in a 90 square foot tent, ate, and did everything outside. It was wonderful to be able to sleep when it got dark and wake up when the sun rose and that’s from a self-proclaimed night owl.

I also love that camping forces you to disconnect from technology. I admit that I’m constantly on a computer or phone so going camping helps me to focus on what’s around me. See and appreciate the beauty around me and pay attention more to my family. At the end of the day, that’s what life is about. Everything else is a distraction.

I typically have trouble sleeping at night at home because I choose to do tasks on my computer when most of my family is asleep. When I got back home, I found myself tired and sleepy by 8pm. Because I had access to lights and all the distractions of home life (laundry that needed to be done, things to do on the computer, etc), I instantly got back in the habit of sleeping late again. πŸ™

I think everyone needs a break from every day life to remind you of what’s really important. When you are camping, it’s best to only bring the essentials. What you really need can fit in your car or on your back (if you are backpacking).

If you’ve never gone camping before, just make sure you have the right gear for the season you will be camping. You don’t want to be bringing a 2 season tent when you are camping in the winter time or use a -15Β° temperature rated sleeping bag in the summer time. Having the correct gear makes camping fun and comfortable. πŸ™‚

If you love the outdoors, try camping. You’ll love it!

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