Beach Bungalow Remodel (Rest of the Home): Before + After

As I was looking through my photographs, I realized that I haven’t posted all the photos of the Beach Bungalow Remodel from last summer.


This beach bungalow is a 1100 square feet home. Originally it had a lot of doors leading to the outside.

  • There is a door for the main entrance to the living room
  • There was a door in the kitchen that was used as the main entrance
  • There was another door in the master bedroom. I believe this room was initially used as a rental. The door from the master bedroom to the hallway could be locked from the inside so the renter could only use the room and bathroom. It’s a beach community so I’m sure there were surfers that would rent the space during the summer to surf.


  • The two doors located in the master bedroom and kitchen were removed and closed off so it is now a wall. This helped provide more privacy in the bedroom and more storage space in the kitchen.
  • Walls were opened up as much as it could to help make the space feel larger.
  • The master bedroom got a full closet. It initially had two built in storage units in the room which made the room feel even smaller. The only solution was to take space from the living room for the closet.
  • The hallway built in cabinets were taken out so the master bathroom could have more space.

Creating a space plan helped me to plan for the remodel and to visualize how the space would look after. View Space Planning Your Interior Space to see what apps I used.

Beach Bungalow Floor Plan


I’ll show you each room of the house starting with:


Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture. There was a built in cabinet in this area that was removed. The mirror, rack, and console table was found at Home Goods. Home Goods is a place to find home accessories at a discounted price. You need to know what type of items you want to purchase before going, so you can easily get in and out of the store.



This room had wall-to-wall carpet. Nothing was changed except new windows, flooring, and the master bedroom closet using up some of the living room space.

Living Room BEFORE

My parents’s furniture was used but I added some beach accessories found at Home Goods. I also made sure baseboards and trim were added throughout the entire home. The home colors were kept simple. I used a light beige (neutral) color to help make the rooms feel more spacious.

Living Room AFTER

The opening to the dining room grew wider as well as to the foyer. This helped make the room feel more spacious.

Living Room to Dining Room AFTER


The dining room felt like a small space since you had to walk into the small opening to get to the living room and to the kitchen.

Dining Room BEFORE

Dining Room to Kitchen AFTER

Once the opening to the dining room and kitchen was made wider, the dining room felt more spacious due to the natural light from outside. Again, I’m using my parents furniture, but added some beach accessories from Home Goods.

The linoleum flooring was replaced to the laminate flooring found at Costco. I went with a lighter shade to carry the beach theme.

Dining Room AFTER


The kitchen remodel was mentioned on this Beach Bungalow Kitchen Remodel: Before + After post. View the post to see the before pictures. Everything was replaced in the kitchen. The door to the outside was also removed. The flooring used was tile since it’s easier to clean in a high traffic area. I used “weathered wood” tile which again carries a beach theme. It also hides dirt well which my mom wanted.

Kitchen to Dining Room AFTER


The built in cabinets were removed in the hallway to give the master bathroom more space.

Hallway BEFORE

The carpet was replaced to the same laminate flooring from Costco. Picture frames from Home Goods were added in the hallway to display beach photos.

Hallway AFTER


The master bedroom was a challenge to work with. The door was removed as well as the built in closets which made the master bedroom even smaller. Having to put a Cal King bed in this space was challenging.

Master Bedroom BEFORE

The carpet was replaced to the same laminate flooring from Costco. Shell lamps and a wooden crate to hold the cable box next to the television were found from Home Goods. Bedding was from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. As you can see there is now a full size closet which was space taken from the living room.

Master Bedroom AFTER


The master bathroom remodel was mentioned in the Beach Bungalow Master Bathroom Remodel: Before + After post. Because the master bedroom was already small I decided on a pocket door between the master bedroom and bathroom. Having doors to swing open and close can waste a lot of space so a pocket door was ideal.


The guest bedroom used to be a boy’s room.

Guest Bedroom BEFORE

The carpet was also replaced with the laminate flooring. I used my parent’s furniture. The bedding was from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The side table and beach accessories were from Home Goods.

Guest Bedroom AFTER


The guest bathroom was very dated with a peach / burgundy tile and linoleum flooring. The tub had white square tiles surrounding the entire shower space.

Guest Bathroom BEFOREGuest Bathroom tub BEFORE

The bathroom was completely redone. I found all the materials from Lowes and Home Depot. A new frosted window was also installed. The tile flooring was from Costco. I used subway tile for the entire bathroom since my mom didn’t want to use beadboard. To add a little extra flare, I found the accent tile pieces from Home Depot. The grab bar wasn’t supposed to be installed where it is currently installed but I told my dad to install it where he felt he would need the extra support. Since I didn’t have much time to work on the house, I made it easier on myself by having both the master and guest bathrooms similar. The only difference is that the guest bathroom has a bathtub and the master has a walk in shower. The granite used in both bathrooms came from the same slab used in the kitchen.

Guest Bathroom AFTER

Guest Bathroom tub AFTER










I also picked the house colors based on what my mom wanted. If you need help picking exterior paint colors check out How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors.


And now you know what I did for part of my summer. Picking materials in a short amount of time (over a weekend) is a lot of work but it was also fun for me.

Your local home improvement stores like Lowes and The Home Depot as well as Costco can provide the materials for your home. Flooring, backsplash, sinks, faucets, lights, baseboards, trim, etc. can be found here. Go to a home improvement store to see what you can improve in your home.

Home Goods is a great place to find inexpensive accessories for your home and help finish the look of the home.

If you are doing a remodel project it is important for you to be on site to check on the work as it is progressing. Typically you can find mistakes or corrections that need to be fixed before it becomes a problem. It’s difficult to go through a remodel but it’s worth it in the end.

If you want to relax and stay in this vacation beach home, check out Properties By Sisters.

[BLOGGING TIDBITS]: This is my longest post to date. It took me over three hours to write and optimize the photos. Optimizing and looking for 19 photos took most of my time.

I don’t get to use my interior design background a lot so I enjoy it when family or friends ask me for help.

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