Beach Bungalow Master Bathroom Remodel: Before + After

I visited my parents last week and was finally able to get some pics of the completed master bathroom remodel that I designed in the summer.


Beach Bungalow Master Bathroom Before

There were many issues with the bathroom:

  • From the 1950 tiles on the sink area and shower.
  • The dilapidated shower. I was too scared to even look in the standing shower. It looked pretty gross from the outside that I didn’t want to look in the inside.
  • The vinyl flooring.
  • The toilet facing the sink.
  • Outdated light, window, and everything in the bathroom.


Here’s the after photo of the master bathroom. Everything was replaced in the bathroom.

Beach Bungalow Master Bathroom After

  • New frosted window, light fixture, and mirror.
  • A new sink and faucet.
  • New tiles on the floors and walls.
  • New toilet that doesn’t face the sink.
  • New shower and glass enclosure. It isn’t scary to go into the shower anymore.

The only requirement that I had for this bathroom was that the flooring needed to be darker so dirt doesn’t easily show on the floor. I ended up with this tile flooring that I found at Costco and got the rest of the fixtures from either Lowes or Home Depot.


I initially wanted the bathroom to have beadbord on the walls which gives it a more beachy feel but my mom doesn’t like wood in bathrooms due to moisture from the shower. I ended up compromising and created the look using subway tiles instead.

I was able to pick the materials in two days. Normally picking out materials (tiles, paint color, sink, etc) would take longer but I didn’t have the luxury of time. Sometimes its good to make quick decisions since there are many choices to choose from. All I did was show the selection to my parents (my clients) and if they were fine with it that was the final decision. Not making a decision is your worst enemy when designing a room or in this case a bathroom. If it takes you awhile in making a decision, it delays the building of the project. Luckily my clients are typically happy with the choices I present them so it’s easy to come up with a final design.

In the end, I’m happy they are enjoying their new bathroom. πŸ™‚

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