Beach Bungalow Kitchen Remodel: Before + After

Beach Bungalow Kitchen Before and After

Here’s a quick peek at the Beach Bungalow kitchen remodel that I have been working on for part of my summer. I was mainly brought on the project to help pick out materials, fixtures, and colors (the design aspect). This small bungalow was built in 1954 and had renters living in it. Once the renters moved out, it was the perfect opportunity to remodel the entire home since it really needed it.


Beach Bungalow Kitchen Before Picture

There were many issues with the kitchen:

  • A typical refrigerator would not fit in the kitchen and the previous tenants had to put the refrigerator in the garage. Back in the 50s, the refrigerator was much smaller.
  • This kitchen had a portable dishwashing machine that had casters. I’m not sure how the dishwasher was used but I’m assuming the renters had to manually attach the tubes for water and disposal separately in the sink area. I’m sure this process was very inconvenient.
  • There was a door in the kitchen that was used as the main entrance.
  • A small opening leading to the dining room which made the kitchen feel smaller.
  • Dated cabinetry, countertop, fixtures, appliances, and laminate flooring.


Here’s the after photo (sorry if the stainless steel stovetop/convection oven is still covered in plastic). The kitchen remodel has more of an open feel even if it is a galley kitchen.

Beach Bungalow Kitchen After Picture.

The best part is that this kitchen remodel:

  • Can now fit a refrigerator.
  • Has a permanent dishwashing machine installed underneath the counters.
  • The door was eliminated to provide extra storage in the kitchen and the front door can now be used as the main entrance.
  • The small opening leading to the dining room was widened to provide more light into the kitchen and gave it an open concept.
  • The updates included: white cabinetry, granite countertops (although I tried to get quartz, but the short schedule didn’t allow for getting that material), stainless steel fixtures & appliances, tile flooring, and recessed lighting.

Because this is a beach bungalow, it was easy having an inspiration gallery in my mind. I wanted anything that had a beach feel, looked clean and was white. When picking material you always have to keep in mind what the clients want (my parents). In this case, my mom always complained of cleaning their kitchen flooring next door so I made sure the flooring was a color that didn’t show too much dirt. I was happy to find a tile flooring that had the look of weathered wood (which has a beach feel to me).

Although it was a lot of work picking everything out, I had fun doing this kitchen remodel for my parents. I hope they enjoy this home. If you’d like to know the mobile apps I used to help design the space, view Space Planning Your Interior Space. View the rest of the Beach Bungalow Remodel: Before + After.

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