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Yay! My sister is visiting for four days. Whether my guests are staying over for a day or several months (like my parents), I like to treat my guests like they are staying at a relaxing bed and breakfast.

I’m not Martha Stewart but I want my guests to feel welcomed so they can come back soon. I enjoy it when I have visitors since no one rarely gets to visit Colorado.

The guest room on the main floor is decorated with a beach theme decor. When I moved into the house I was missing California and needed a room to reflect that. I hung up beach photos on the main wall and all the sheets are white.


The main purpose of the room is to have my guests feel relaxed so I make sure to attire it like a hotel. How do you do that (you may ask)?

  • Iron out all the bedding sheets including the duvet cover so when you go into the room it Β has a good presentation.
  • Purchase the highest thread count sheets that is in your budget so your guests feel comfy in the sheets.
  • Invest in a down duvet since the weather in Colorado is unpredictable.
  • Have a small television set so your guests can watch their program of choice.
  • Provide bottled water so they don’t have to stumble into the kitchen to get some water.
  • Depending on your guest, I leave some books for pleasure reading.
  • Provide bathroom necessities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and toothpaste. For my sister I ended going to the Body Shop so the products have a relaxing fragrance. Typically I get the travel size versions at Target.
  • Leave out fresh towels in the bathroom.
  • Make sure there is space for your guests to hang their clothes on hangers and put their clothes/items in an empty drawer.
  • Provide a portable fan and heater so your guests can regulate the temperature in the room.
  • Have an electric blanket available to warm up the bed before getting in the bed (during winter time).
  • Provide a luggage rack to get the luggages off the floor.

I have to admit that I’m missing black out curtains but due to the size and shape of the window I decided not to install it.

As I scan the guest room I ask myself “what else would I want and need if I was staying here?” If I feel the room has everything I need then I know the room is ready for my guest. If not, I will typically make a last minute trip to Target or grocery store and buy what ever is needed.

So if you’re a member of my extended family or a close friend, my question to you is “when are you visiting Colorado?” You are always welcomed to be my guest. πŸ™‚

12 tips on how to setup your guest room so your guests will feel at home and want to visit you again.

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