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Be More Present | Jen On Life

Be More Present

Cloudy Rainy Day

It has been sleepy day weather this past week. What’s sleepy day weather? When it’s overcast, cloudy, and possibly raining. On days like this, I personally like to stay in my flannel pjs since the weather has cooled down and the pjs keep me warm and comfortable. My kids typically request hot chocolate to be served. (Here’s my favorite hot chocolate maker). Days like this reminds me to be more present with the family and to be there for them.

When making hot chocolate and drinking it with them, I enjoy savoring the flavor and watching them drink their warm drinks and seeing their enjoyment on their faces. I wish every day I was more present for the kids but life happens and with everyone’s busy schedules, it’s easy to get lost in the commotion of stuff and in the shuffle of daily living.

When I notice that I’m impatient or in a hurry, I have to make an effort to slow down my speed and not loose my temper and notice what’s around me. Really look at what’s in front of me and be more present. Once I immediately do that, I’m typically overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness for noticing this precious moment of today. The difficult part is catching yourself when you are in the middle of being rushed and following your schedule.

With the weekend almost upon us, try and take the time to be more present with your family and friends. Weekends are easier to do this since it’s easier to focus on your family if you are not working on the weekends. With practice, I’m sure it’ll be easier to apply it during your weekday as well.

Good luck being more present. That’s something I always strive for in my daily living but its difficult to do when you feel that you have so many things to work on. At that point, you have to remind yourself what’s really important and just be more present.

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