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Aurorae Yoga Mat | Jen On Life

Aurorae Yoga Mat

Aurorae Eternity Yoga Mat (rolled)

I’ve never done yoga but have used yoga mats before to perform my back therapy exercises and other exercises that I do on the floor. I find any hard surface difficult to perform exercises especially if I have to kneel on the floor. Kneeling on a hard surface is painful for me. In general, it’s nice to be on a yoga mat to provide a layer of cushion between you and the hard surface.

In order to provide a full review of the Aurorae Printed Yoga Mat, I made sure that my yoga friend, Wendy, also reviewed the mat since she goes to yoga classes and has owned several mats.

Disclosure: I received one complementary Aurorae Yoga Mat (Eternity print) for the purpose of this product review. All opinions and reviews are my own.


When the Aurorae Yoga Mat came in the mail, I assumed that it would have a rubber, plastic smell, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t smell and is environmentally friendly.

The yoga mat is hypoallergenic:

  • No Phthalates
  • No Phenols
  • No PAHS
  • No Latex
  • No Silicone
  • No Rubber
  • Does not emit any chemicals or gasses

As I rolled out the Aurorae “Eternity” Printed Yoga Mat, I found the mat to be really beautiful and stylish. It is 5mm thick, 72″ long, and 24″ wide. It’s definitely longer and thicker than my previous mat. The real test is kneeling on the yoga mat. The 5mm thickness is the perfect thickness because my knees didn’t hurt at all. I felt like my knees were well cushioned and I didn’t notice the hard surface below like on my previous mat. Overall, I am happy with the size, weight (since it’s lightweight), thickness, and design of the mat. It’s the perfect mat to do exercises on hard wood floors.

Aurorae Eternity Yoga Mat

I then passed the Aurorae “Eternity” Yoga Mat to my yoga friend who wrote the rest of this review.


[Wendy is a stylish and health conscious mom who exercises, cooks healthy foods, and loves to travel.] Disclosure: Wendy’s opinions and reviews are her own.

The Aurorae “Eternity” Printed Yoga Mat is one of the best mats I’ve ever used. It’s an awesome mat. The thickness was just right and the mat was as sticky as I was used to. I love the thickness of the mat. It is really durable, easy to stabilize and balance on the mat.

Although the yoga mat came with a non slip yoga rosin, I personally don’t use rosin. Texturally the mat feels smoother than other mats I’ve used, but I’ve never slipped. I love that it’s environmentally friendly and did not have a rubber smell like many that I’ve used. The size and weight of the mat is perfect. Overall, it’s the prettiest mats I’ve ever seen. It is very stylish and any stylish girl would love this mat.

Aurorae Printed Yoga Mats

At the time of this review, the Aurorae Printed Yoga Mats are on sale on Amazon for $29.95. Both Wendy and I really love the Aurorae yoga mat to exercise on hard wood floors and for yoga. It’s an awesome yoga mat to own. 🙂

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