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Add Curb Appeal by Staining Concrete | Jen On Life

Add Curb Appeal by Staining Concrete

Concrete before it was stained

Does your home look dated on the outside? Instantly add curb appeal by staining your concrete. The home my husband worked on had old concrete mixed in with new concrete which made for a patchwork of various concrete colors. The curb appeal wasn’t ideal. By spending approximately $45 and two hours of labor, the front of the home now looks more inviting to visitors.

Materials Needed to Stain Concrete Outdoors

  • Paint brush pole (which allows user to stand while applying the stain on the floor. You can also use a broom handle to save $5)
  • Paint roller frame
  • Paint roller cover
  • Concrete stain (applied Lowe’s Valspar solid color concrete stain—concrete gray)

To stain concrete, it must not have paint or stain on the concrete. Concrete is porous, once concrete is stained it is sealed.

How to Stain your Concrete

  1. Prepare the surface by washing down the concrete you plan to stain and make sure the concrete is dry for 24 hours.
  2. Sweep off any dirt before staining the concrete.
  3. Like painting the walls in your home, paint one section of concrete at a time. Make sure to apply the stain on a cloudy day or in the shade to give you enough time to blend your stokes.
  4. Wait for four hours for the stain to dry. Wait to put furniture on the concrete until the following day.

Stain Concrete for Curb Appeal

If you have a deck, here’s how to update your deck with paint.

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