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7 Kitchen Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen | Jen On Life

7 Kitchen Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Tools to Have in Your Kitchen

I don’t cook as often as I’d like to but when I buy kitchen tools / gadgets I do my research. I’m listing the tools you should have in your kitchen.

These are kitchen tools that I constantly use when cooking, baking, or grilling:

Silicon Splatter Screen/Guard

I use this all the time when cooking. My pan typically doesn’t have it’s own cover so I use this screen guard to cover up the pan when cooking which also minimizes oil splatters. I no longer can find this in Williams-Sonoma, but splatter screen guards are available in Amazon.

Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper

Stop boil-overs before they start with this simple spill stopper. I haven’t had a boil-over on my stove top once I started using this. I use this a lot when cooking pasta. I used to always have the water boil over and spill on my stove top. That no  longer happens when using this spill stopper. Perforations in its center allow hot air to escape so boiling liquids and froth won’t spill over the pot’s sides. I typically notice when the liquid in the pot is about to boil over and then I lower the heat on the stove to prevent that from happening. This Spill Stopper is available on Amazon (make sure to purchase the correct size for your pot).


This Chef’n spatula is the easiest spatula to use inside of a mixing bowl. I’m able to effortlessly scrape the mixing bowl clean because of it’s curved design. Unfortunately I’m unable to find this item online. Chef’n no longer manufactures this item although I use this spatula every time I use my mixer. Make sure to own a spatula especially if you bake or want to scrape things off a mixing bowl.

Nesting Glass Mixing Bowl Set

When I’m cooking I always use these glass bowls to mix and and hold my ingredients. It helps me stay organized in the kitchen when prepping the ingredients. Once I’m ready to cook, the ingredients are on hand to put in my pot, pan, or dish. You can purchase this at Williams-Sonoma or Crate and Barrel.

OXO Angled Measuring Cup Set

I use these measuring cups to measuring anything liquid. I like that I’m able to read the marking along the side or from above, and looking straight down into the cup.

Narrow Measuring Spoons

I own several measuring spoons but this is my favorite because these spoons fit inside spice jars and other containers with narrow openings. This design is brilliant! These narrow measuring spoons are definitely needed in your kitchen.

Instant-Read Thermometer

I typically use this if I’m grilling or need to know the temperature of my meat. This thermometer is a great one to own because it instantly tells me the temperature of what ever meat I’m cooking and is accurate. This instant-read thermometer is highly recommended by Cook’s Illustrated.

Well now you know what kitchen tools help me out. Let me know what kitchen tools you use.

7 Kitchen Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

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