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10 Tips to Help Lower Your Electric Bill in the Winter | Jen On Life

10 Tips to Help Lower Your Electric Bill in the Winter

Tips to lower electric bill in the winter

When you are trying to lower your electric bill in the winter time, it’s good to try some of these techniques to help you save money. My family is always looking for ways to save extra cash. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, every little thing you can save adds up to big savings.

Lower the temperature of the entire home

The whole house doesn’t have to be set to 72 degrees during winter time. If you are at home you can set it to between 64 to 68. It really depends on how cold you get and how much you can tolerate. If guests come to the house, I’ll set the temperature to 68 or 70 since I find the house too hot if the temperature is raised more than that.

Dress warmly at home

Because the house is colder, I typically wear my flannel pajamas in the winter time and wear my warm slippers. I’ll also wear a sweater to help keep me warm.

Leave blankets around the house

I like to drape blankets around the places where the family gathers (like in the family room or on a chaise), so that each individual can be warm and comfortable when reading a book or watching television.

Use space heaters when sleeping in your rooms

During the evenings, you can set the house temperature to 62 or 60. The rooms that are occupied has space heaters to keep everyone nice and warm while everyone is sleeping. Before everyone wakes up in the morning, the house is warmed back up to 68 degrees. It’s easy to program a Nest thermostat to schedule that.

Run only full loads when using a dishwasher or doing laundry

Dishwashers and doing laundry uses a lot of energy so it’s best to use it when you have a full load.

Limit using a lot of electricity (like dryer, dishwasher) during peak usage hours

Typical peak hours are 6am-10am and 3pm-9pm. Check your provider for exact peak times. Use the delay button to run your appliances during off peak hours. This is difficult for me to do. Because laundry is not my favorite thing to do, I do it when I have time.

Set your refrigerator’s temperature to 38F

Your refrigerator is always on. The temperature doesn’t have to be set too cold.

Weatherstrip windows and doors

Windows and doors can loose up to 25% of heat in the winter time. Seal your windows and doors with weatherstripping, door sweeps, etc. We use a Security Glass Storm Door to help insulate the front door.

Boil water on a GAS stove

This helps warm up the kitchen area and provides humidity in the home especially during the winter time. Colorado gets very dry in the winter and boiling water helps prevent the family from getting nose bleeds and static cling. Remember to monitor the water levels in your pot and turn off the stove when you aren’t around.

Use a window insulation kit

This last one works really well (but my family no longer does it since it drives me crazy). Installing plastic around your windows helps prevent the cold air from seeping in the home. When we used to do this, my house was always one of the “efficient neighbors” in my neighborhood. I couldn’t handle looking at plastic covering on all of the windows in the home. For someone who enjoys and appreciates the beauty of a home, I do not use this tip anymore although doing this will save you a lot of money on the electric bill.

The tips above are ways my family tries to save money in the winter time. I don’t use the last tip anymore although it was the most effective. I try my best to use the appliances during off peak hours but it doesn’t always work out that way. In the end, if you try your best that’s all you can ask for.

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