Lip Sync Battle

I don’t watch too much television but this show is a great show to watch for its entertainment value. The show is called Lip Sync Battle on Spike.

Lip Sync Battle - Pinterest

I first saw Jenna Dewan Tatum and Channing Tatum in a movie called Step Up. This was when they were unknowns at the time and knew how to dance. So it was great watching this married couple get competitive in this “Lip Sync Battle.” They are still great dancers and actors as well. 🙂

I’m sharing Jenna’s second performance on the show. Her first was great but this was over the top since she was imitating her husband in the movie Magic Mike XXL. So this performance is a bit RISQUÉ. I was laughing so hard and wanted to share.

The next clip is Channing’s comeback performance with a surprise guest.

Laughter is a great medicine. I’m giving you the gift of laughter for today.

Do you already watch Lip Sync Battle? If not, try to catch a couple of episodes when you get a chance.

Below is the Magic Mike XXL scene that Channing Tatum’s wife was spoofing:

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