Chicken Wonton Udon Soup


Every household faces this dilemma: “What to make for dinner that is quick and easy to make?” Because it’s winter, my husband and I have been making lots of soup this season especially with chicken and vegetables. The Chicken wonton udon soup is the soup I enjoy making since my family loves it and it only takes 25 minutes to make.


Chicken Wonton Udon Soup Ingredients

Chicken Wonton Udon Soup

25 minCook Time

25 minTotal Time

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  • Costco Rotisserie Whole Chicken
  • Chicken mini wontons (from Costco--Bibigo Fully Cooked Mini Wontons Chicken & Cilantro)
  • Chicken broth or chicken flavor bouillon seasoning (from Costco--Knorr Chicken Flavor Bouillon)
  • Frozen mixed vegetables
  • Udon
  • Water


  1. Determine how many people you will be feeding. 2 cups of water per person was added. So for a family of four, 8 cups of water was used.
  2. Use 6 teaspoons of chicken bouillon. Season to taste. Add more water if chicken broth tastes too salty or add another teaspoon of chicken bouillon if it is too bland.
  3. Heat chicken broth under medium high heat.
  4. Put a package of frozen mixed vegetables.
  5. Shred chicken from the Costco Rotisserie whole chicken and put in pot.
  6. Add frozen chicken wontons (add based on how much wontons you want in your soup).
  7. Place 3 servings of frozen udon noodles (so it's more filling) or you can use ramen.
  8. Cover pot and leave until soup content is boiling and serve when ready.

Let me know if  you enjoyed making the chicken wonton udon soup. What is your favorite chicken soup recipe?

  1. Michelle Marie 3 years ago
    That looks super yummy! Have you ever tried the Pacific Free Range Organic Low Sodium Chicken Stock? I always have cartons in my fridge, I cook with it all the time? Its so good and the lowest I've found in sodium even though coming from a hispanic background we used to use the caldo bouillon all the time. Now I'm craving this soup. LOL
    • Author
      Jen 3 years ago
      Hi Michelle, No I haven't tried the Pacific Free Range Organic Low Sodium Chicken Stock. Thanks for the tip! I'll try that next time. :)

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