Blake Shelton Tries Sushi for the First Time

I never knew about Blake Shelton until I started watching The Voice on NBC. I enjoy watching The Voice to see Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s banter on the show. They are hilarious!

It’s funny to see what people think of sushi when they eat it for the first time. Blake is honest  and gives a critique to every course he eats. I also love that he has the courage to try new food even if he doesn’t want to.

Now that Blake is dating Gwen Stefani, a musician and designer from Orange County, CA, I like him a lot more. I grew up listening to Gwen’s music. Blake dating Gwen upped his cool factor in my eyes. 🙂 Here’s a song they cowrote and sang on The Voice together. I normally don’t listen to country but this song grows on you. It’s really sweet watching them sing the lyrics to each other:


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